Because your project requires custom work, there are many variables that must be considered before a price can be established. Your choice of materials, binding options, lettering and decorative design are among the factors that determine your final cost.

Books bound in cloth are durable, attractive and affordable. Commercial book cloth is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes. With proper handling and techniques, almost any cloth can be used to cover a book.

Leather bindings have been prized by book lovers for many centuries and add greatly to a book’s value and appeal. Our experience and mastery of techniques enable us to craft fine leather bindings that you will treasure for decades.

While an estimated price can be determined, a final quotation cannot be given until the work is actually evaluated in the shop. If during the work process additional treatment is advised, we will get your approval before proceeding.

We greatly enjoy collaborating with our customers and look forward to helping you select the best bindings for your books.

New Bindings:

Full cloth: $100.00 and up.
Leather Spine and corners w/ cloth or paper sides: $300.00 and up
Full Leather $450.00 and up

Limited & Personal Editions:

Prices are discounted dependent upon quantity and style


Cloth binding: $150.00 and up
Leather binding: $300.00 and up
Large Victorian Style Family Bible in Leather: $450.00 and up

Of prime importance in determining the cost and scope of a restoration is the condition of the pages and sewing. Page mending and re-sewing is labour-intensive and, therefore, more costly than simply replacing or repairing a damaged or worn cover.