Frequently Asked Bookbinding Questions

Will repairing or restoring a book take away from it’s value?

A very simple question with a complex answer. If the book’s value is sentimental, keeping it in good repair will enhance its worth to you and your family. If the book has monetary value, dependent upon its condition and rarity, a bookseller would be able to help you determine your course of action.

How much will it cost?

As a custom order your cost is dependent upon the choices you from many options. The same book may be bound simply or elaborately. See pricing for more detail.

What is the difference between book repair, restoration or conservation?

For our purposes here:

i. Repair is the correction of a specific problem
ii. Restoration is treating repairs in a way that minimizes their appearance and is consistent with the book’s age and style.
iii. Conservation is dealing with a book’s problems in a way that helps control further deterioration

What kinds of cover materials are available?

We divide commercial book cloths into 3 categories: Buckram, imitation leather and linen/specialty cloth. Buckram is heavy in weight and well suited to utilitarian bindings. Imitation leather is available in many weights, grains. Linen/specialty cloth has great visual appeal. These cloths come in a wide variety of color and textures.

Leather is available in many types, colors and finishes. For centuries fine leather bindings have most often used goat or calf. Record Books are traditionally bound in cow hide.

Can I send my book to you?

It would be best for you to contact us first by phone or email to allow us to sort through the specifics of your project. You may then send your work to us and after we’ve examined it we will call or email you with a more detailed evaluation.

When sending your project be sure to box it well and include your name, address, phone number or email address and comments.