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Driving Directions from Providence

Take US-6 West to Hartford Ct. (travel 5.5 miles)

Take the I-295/ US-6 West Exit to Hartford Ct/Woonsocket (travel 0.7 miles stay in the right lane)

Take the US-6 West Exit -- EXIT 6C -- to Hartford (travel 0.2 miles)

Drive down the ramp and exit to the RIGHT toward Hartford / Foster (0.1)

Merge onto Hartford Ave (US-6 West) (travel 5.2miles)

At the Route 6/Route 101 split, turn SLIGHT LEFT onto US-6 West (then travel 4.9 miles)

[Once Route 6 dips down a long downgrade--just after entering Foster city limits--you are approaching your destination.]

The slope begins to rise again, take your first RIGHT onto Rams Tail Road.

The shop is located on the left.

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