About the Bindery

Markey & Asplund is one of the oldest continuously-operating hand binderies in the United States. The business was started in Providence, RI by two experienced binders in 1924. Like other trade binderies of that era, Markey performed a wide variety of work including record binding, small editions and book repair. Close attention was paid to utility, durability, and cost. Eric Zimmerman began working at the bindery in 1975 and with his wife, Kenda, purchased M&A from Daniel Gibson Knowlton in 1981. Since 1986, the business has been operating from its present location in Foster, RI.

About the Binders

Eric Zimmerman began his binding career in 1973 as a maker of blank books, journals, and albums. He exhibited and sold his books at shops and galleries in upstate New York and Vermont, including at the Frog Hollow State Craft Center in Middlebury. In 1975, he relocated to Providence, RI to study with Daniel Knowlton.

While working full-time at Markey & Asplund and raising a family, Eric studied library conservation at the University of Rhode Island under George Cunha, the founder of the Northeast Document Conservation Center. Over the years, Eric has attended numerous workshops and seminars in book arts, including a master class in 18th century leather book restoration and a Guild workshop in paper conservation and repair at Harvard. Kenda Zimmerman became a partner in Markey & Asplund in 1981 and has worked since then as business manager, binder, colorist and restorer.